Kenny Griffin founded and operates Chain Buster Productions. He started racing XC MTB at the young age of 10 years old where he raced for 5 years. With first hand knowledge of racing experience, Kenny takes pride in the race development aspect of putting together quality race courses and events for mountain bike racers to enjoy.




“It’s the forever lasting memories that are created from the racers that makes me love what I do each and every day.” --Kenny Griffin.


He has a huge passion for everything outdoors and is an advocate for youth cycling and mountain bike racing.  Kenny has spent a great deal of time with youth cycling, both as a racer and promoter and is currently an advocate for getting children involved in biking.


With a focus on building the next generation of bicyclists, Kenny has invested his time and efforts in the Georgia cycling community by being on the founding board of directors and the official race director for the Georgia High School Cycling League. He is excited to further develop the youth mountain biking movement in Georgia.





Scott Barker is the marketing engine behind Chain Buster Productions. He poses as our webmaster, t-shirt designer, facebook, twitter and instagram poster and well as our Quality Control Department and HR Department, until we actually have enough money to hire professionals.


Scott honed his bicycle skills on a brand new 1977 burnt orange Huffy banana seat cycle--he mastered "Killer Hill", several plywood ramps and a couple of "hands free" wheelies before moving on to become a professional journalist, photographer, webmaster and general, all-purpose marketing guru.

If you've got a better offer, be sure to contact him at: . He's also open to hear about new marketing and advertising ideas that will catapult Chain Buster into the national spotlight.

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