Dry Creek Championships presented by Maxxis

Dry Creek Trails, Dalton, GA

November 8, 2014

Race Results Solo: Posted After Race Day

Race Results Team: Posted After Race Day

Photo Link: Posted After Race Day

Race Location

Dry Creek Trail System, Dalton GA



Map quest directions click here.


Race Course Info

Race course will be open for pre-ride at 5 pm day before race.


Online Registration

Late fees of $10 will be applied after 11:59 pm, Sunday, November 2nd

Online registration closes at 8:00 pm, Wednesday, November 5th

T-shirt deadline 11:59 pm, Sunday, November 2nd


$10.00 late fee applied to Race Day registration.





Expert Payout Schedule

Click here to view the Expert Female/Male rider payout schedule for each Southeastern Endurance Cup Race.


Kids Race

Race course will be approximately 1 mile. All parents feel free to ride with kids :Registration is FREE. *ALL PARENTS MUST SIGN A WAIVER FOR PARTICIPANT


Race Day Timeline

7:00 am Packet Pick up/Race day registration open

8:30 am Kids Race

9:00 am Packet Pick up/Race day registration closes

9:30 am Racers Meeting

9:45 am Bikes positioned on start line

10:00 am Race start

4:00 pm Race ends

4:30 pm Race awards


Series Awards

Series Awards will be given at the Annual SEC Banquet at the Terrapin Brewery in Athens, GA  on November 15th from 8:30-11:30 pm



















Rules & Regulations

The 6 hour Mountain Bike Race will start at 10:00 a.m. Your bike should be positioned at the starting line no later than 9:45 a.m.


Mass start: The 6 hour mountain bike race will be a mass start of all race categories at one time. As you finish each lap and approach the pit area you may stop in your pit area. Once each racer approaches the timing/finish area:


1. Each rider must dismount off of the bike and run or walk across the timing mat. (failure to do so may result in DQ)

2. Each racer must have the number plate mounted and visible on the front of the bike.

3. Once you cross through the timing area you may get back on the bike and continue back out on the course or teams may exchange the timing chip within the designated transition area. (all chips must be exchanged within the transition area, failure to do so may result in DQ)


If a team mate has a mechanical out on the course you have a couple of options:

1. Fix your mechanical as quickly as you can and get riding again. You don't have to be self-supportive in this race. If another rider comes along and they have a tool or knowledge to help, you may do so.

2. If a rider that has a mechanical or has a wreck preventing them from finishing the lap , the rider must radio or call into their team to send another team member on course to start a new lap. The new rider must check in at the timing tent before entering on course. Once a racer radios or calls in and reports to CANCEL the lap it is CANCELLED.


Racers may ride as many laps consecutively as they wish. Each racer must ride a minimum of 1 lap during the 6 hour period. All laps must be completed by 4:00 p.m. or they will NOT count The 6 hour race winners will be the ones that have tallied the most laps at the end of the 6 hours.


TIMING CHIP: Both solo and team racers will receive a timing chip with their team number assigned to it. Your team is responsible for keeping up with this the entire 6 hours. The timing chip must be visible on ankle (left or right) when you pass through the transition area.


Severe Weather Policy

Unless otherwise posted, race will be held. Safety of all racers is main priority.


Transfer / Refund Policy

There will be no registration transfers or refunds once registration is processed.

















Solo Beginner / Sport / Expert /Clydesdale

Solo Single Speed

Solo Masters (age 40-49)

Solo Grand Masters (age 50-59)

Solo Ultra Masters (age 60 and up)

Solo Female Sport

Solo Female Expert

2 Person Male / Male Expert

2 Person Female/Co-ed

2 Person Male Grand Masters (both racers 50+)

2 Person Co-ed Grand Masters(both racers 50+)

3 Person Male/Coed

3 Person "Just Having Fun"

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