Scratch Ankle

Scratch Ankle


The world is filled with enormous uncertainty right now. The ramifications of the current pandemic on both health and economy are vastly unknown. But this much is certain to me…love always wins. ALWAYS! We shouldn’t need a reminder to be kind to one another, but we often do. There is precious little in this life that we have total control of, but our capacity to love, be kind, be forgiving, and be compassionate are totally within our control. Life will be altered for at least the next month or two. Perhaps we can take advantage of this time to disconnect from our phones and reconnect with our families…our friends…our neighbors. Extend grace and mercy even when it’s not needed and especially when it’s not deserved.

Life WILL return to normal. But my prayer is that the disconnect and discord that has permeated our culture will be left behind when it does.

We will offer an update on Scratch Ankle as soon as we can, but it is definitely NOT going to happen as scheduled on March 28, 2020. We (Chainbuster) try to have dialogue with all the promoters who are faced with reschedules. We could all use your patience as we navigate uncharted waters. My current advice to you is to help us all by just planning to attend events.

Our friends at Cohutta Adventures had a race permit pulled from them hours before the event was to begin. By then, they already had tons of time and expense into an event that only from personal experience I can say will be difficult to recover from. Whenever Eric is able to reschedule, sign up and race it.

Our friends at Gone Riding are losing a significant part of their Spring schedule that they will try to reschedule. But it’s going to be difficult. They still have events on the schedule that will be unaffected. If you have yet to visit a race by David and Terri, go visit them. They have been extremely generous to us with their time and advice in the last few years.

Our friends at Mountain Goat Adventures announced this morning that they are moving their Spring dates to Summer/Fall. Lisa and Chris work tirelessly to produce awesome events that are always challenging but rewarding. If you haven’t done one of their events, then pick one and train for it.

Our friends at Go Nuts Biking are still evaluating, but will possibly be faced with an altered schedule. David and Melissa have more fun at their events than should be allowed! They throw a party and a race breaks out! If you haven’t done a Go Nuts event, then sign up.

There are countless others that I will undoubtedly miss, but we are all small businesses with families that will need your patience and support to survive. The sun right now feels like it is setting into uncertainty and darkness. But it will rise again!


A favorite venue of Chain Buster staff, the Scratch Ankle brings new meaning to “multi-surface” as it relates to gravel racing. Starting from a truly epic forest service air field inside the Krul Lake Recreation Area, the Scratch Ankle course is a mixture of hard packed dirt roads, gently rolling forest service roads, short sections of pavement, short, non-technical single track, and sand…LOTS OF SAND! Like all 2020 Chainbuster gravel events, this race will be offered in two distances.

“Truly an epic course! A great mix of terrain to keep you guessing what might happen at the next turn. There was hard pack, true gravel, single track, asphalt, hills, and sand. No other event can give you that mix!” – Hugh Myrick, 2018 Gravel Series Top Finisher

“I’m not sure what I expected out of this race. I did road races in the area several years ago, so I think I half expected it to be a lot of road with gravel sections. I couldn’t have been more wrong. What I loved about the race is the different dynamic of it. It’s unlike anything we have up here in Georgia (at least that I’m familiar with). What I mean is the SAND… That sand is BRUTAL!” –Chris Lessing, 2018 Masters Male Champion


*PLEASE NOTE: Scratch Ankle starts at 8:00AM CST!! 

Reserve your meal through our registration process and purchase additional meals for family and friends who are joining you! Meals are NOT INCLUDED in the cost of the race.

Register Race Regulations

Race Location

Scratch Ankle

11075 Krull Lake Road, Munson FL 32570

Course Information

Course Difficulty
Long 64 miles 7 of 10 (distance, SAND)
Short 36 miles 5 of 10 (SAND)

Long Course 64 miles Short Course 36 miles

Camping Information

Camping is available on site! Krul Lake Campround is adjacent to the staging/infield area. You can make reservations at the Krul Lake Campground online at https://floridastateforests.reserveamerica.com/. Bear Lake Campground is about 1-1/2 miles from the staging/infield area.

Dry camping is available in the staging area for $15 per night with access to the campground bath house (a short walk or ride from our staging area.)

Race Day Schedule

5:00 am: Check In/Race Day Registration Opens

7:00 am: Check In/Race Day Registration Closes

7:30 am: Racer Meeting

8:00 am: RACE START

1:00 pm: Awards Ceremony

Open (Male/Female)$65/$45Payouts and Trophies/MedalsCustom Series Awards
Masters (40-49)$65/$45Prizes Bags and Trophies/MedalsCustom Series Awards
Grand Masters (50-59)$65/$45Prizes Bags and Trophies/MedalsCustom Series Awards
Ultra Masters (60+)$65/$45Prizes Bags and Trophies/Medals Custom Series Awards
Female Masters (40+)$65/$45Prizes Bags and Trophies/MedalsCustom Series Awards
Singlespeed$65/$45Prizes Bags and Trophies/MedalsCustom Series Awards
Clydesdale$65/$45Prizes Bags and Trophies/MedalsCustom Series Awards
Junior Male (18 and under)$65/$45Prizes Bags and Trophies/MedalsCustom Series Awards
Junior Female (18 and under) $65/$45Prize Bags and Trophies/MedalsCustom Series Awards