Chris Breaux

Chris has always absolutely loved to ride his bike. Back when he was a young boy in the flat lands of Louisiana, he rode in the cane fields behind his house. That was the good ole days when the only thing to do was riding field roads and chewing sugar cane. Mom would always tell him that he just had to be back by dark.
As time passed, bad habits formed and fitness took a back seat, there was no room for bicycle riding. With a career starting in Computers, and 3 boys actively involved in Sports, there was little time for anything else. However, the boys all grew up and started leaving the nest. If you’ve heard of the Empty Nest Syndrome, well, It’s real.
All that time on your hands, bad habits get worse. So, After 30 years of smoking, he decides to quit! But, If you’re not going to smoke, he has to do something else. Hiking! Yes Hiking! No, Running! Yes Running! Meandering through the woods with his wife Mary, he encounters these people on bikes, in the woods, riding trails, who’d a thought?
So 12 years ago, he bought his first mountain bike. It was a Gary Fisher Cobia, 3x9, mechanical brakes and set out to ride Harbins MB1. From then on, he knew that this was what was missing, all of you know what I’m referring to, that euphoric feeling you get after you complete something you believe to be difficult. He felt like a kid again. It took almost a year to be able to ride all of Harbins without stopping, but at every finish, he could wait to the next ride.
Then someone mentioned Race. What? A mountain bike race? Me?
He thought, “Here’s a way to learn more trails, travel place to place, ride his bike, and compete! Perfect! It’s ON!”
His first race was a Chainbuster 9 hr race and that year, and he won the Clydesdale series. In the last 9 years, he’s traveled to 6 states, ridden countless trails, and is doing what he loves to do.
His favorite race is one of the most difficult in the Southeast, but he has received his Belt Buckle the last 7 years. The Snake Creek Gap TT has to be one of the most love to hate rides ever.
Mixed up in all that are lifelong friendships that have formed with some of the best people in the world, for which he is incredibly thankful.
Chris has also spent quite a few hours volunteering at Fort Yargo State Park, Harbins, and Tribble Mill, and he has been part of the Executive board with GATR.
This year Chris would like to lose a little weight(wouldn’t we all). To do that he plans to ride a bit more, kayak a whole lot more, and maybe take some time and go back to Louisiana and do some fishing.

“Laissez les bon temps roule” French for “Let the good times roll”