Chris Lessing

Raised in Georgia, live in Alpharetta, Love music, playing guitar, being outside and spending time with friends and family!

I started riding bikes in 2007 with my first event being the 6 gap century. I started racing on the road in 2008 and moved up to cat 2 couple years later. Shortly after the upgrade I started traveling to as many new races as time permitted. Somewhere along the way I started racing cyclocross and quickly my interest switched to dirt and I hung the road bike up. I moved up to cat 2 cx and I started trying to do as many national races as possible in the east coast. In late 2012 I tried a low-key MTB race and won the open category and have been hooked ever since! To date I’ve participated in over 300 races (Road races, time trials, criteriums, cx and Mtb). I unfortunately do not ride as much as I used to but I still try to do as many races as possible without taking it seriously. I actually hate training but I love racing! My goal is always to just have fun!