Scot Eisenman

Scot grew up in a small farming town in South Texas. He began running and competing in track and cross country events in middle school and continued through high school. After graduating he went into the U.S. Army where he continued to compete in running events as well as expanding to half/ full marathons and triathlons. He got out of the Army in June of 1997 where he continued to compete this way until around 2000 where he decided to take a much needed break. After an 8 year hiatus from competition he began mountain biking in 2008 just as a hobby. He began looking for every trail and course he could find not to mention faster and more competitive people to ride with. There’s just something about the camaraderie between cyclist’s. In 2011 I was transferred to the fine state of Georgia for a career opportunity. Scot is constantly working on ways to improve my biking skills through local cycling events and group rides. For the following 2019 season Scot plans on competing in the in multiple types of cycling events (XC/Endurance Mtb, Gravel, Monster Cross and maybe even some road races). He currently has 32 races set on his calendar for the year to compete in. OUCH!!!!