Iron Maiden

Racers can only compete with one number plate on the bike at one time. A racer cannot compete in simultaneous categories (for example, 12 Hour Expert and 24 Hour Single Speed). A racer can, however, compete in one 12 Hour Solo and then transition to one 24 Hour Team. If this occurs, laps for 24 Hour Team must be scored under the team plate ONLY. In other words, solo laps will NOT count towards team lap total.

If an issue occurs on the course regarding unsportsmanlike in the race (blocking or unsafe racing), those issues must be brought to the attention of the race director. The Race Director will absolve all issues related to unsportsmanlike conduct on the course. If the issue is with a junior racer, then at NO POINT will it be tolerated for an adult to address the issue with the junior racer. It must be addresses with the Race Director and the parent or coach associated with the junior racer.

The 24/12 Hours of Iron Maiden will start at 9:00AM CST. Your bike should be positioned at the starting line no later than 8:45AM.

There will be a mass start of all race categories at one time.

As you finish each lap, please continue all the way through timing (at the Maxxis arch) and then you may stop in your pit area. Please plan accordingly if you plan to stop and position yourself on the course so that you will not have to cut from one side of the course to the other in order to get to your pit. Please do not stop in front of timing. Continue through and then come back to timing without your bike if you have a question.

Each racer must have the number plate mounted and visible on the front of the bike.  Please use at least three twist ties to secure your plate and make sure you place is facing outward, not upward.

Once you cross through the timing area you may continue back out on the course or teams may transition from the TORQ transition area.


If you or a teammate has a mechanical out on the course there are couple of options.

  1. Fix your mechanical as quickly as you can and get riding again. You don’t have to be self-supportive in this race. If another rider comes along and they have a tool or knowledge to help,  they may do so.
  2. If a (TEAM) rider that has a mechanical or has a wreck preventing them from finishing the lap, the rider can radio or call in to their team to send another team member on course to start a new lap. The new rider must check in at the timing tent before entering on course. Once a racer radios or calls in and reports to CANCEL the lap, it is CANCELLED. No exceptions.

Racers may ride as many laps consecutively as they wish. Each racer must ride a minimum of 1 lap during the 24/12 hour race period. All laps must be completed by 9:00 PM/AM or they will NOT count. The 24/12 hour race winners will be the ones that have tallied the most laps at the end of the 24/12 hours in the fastest time.

Severe Weather Policy

Unless otherwise posted, race will be held. Safety of all racers is main priority. If there is a delay or cancellation due to weather conditions, racers are responsible for checking information posted by director. The information will be posted on the home page of website, social media and email up to 72 hours prior to the race.

Refund Policy

There will be no registration refunds or transfers once registration is processed.

Online Registration

Late fees of $10 will be applied after 11:59 pm, the Sunday before the event date. Online registration closes at 11:59PM EST on Wednesday before the event. In order to guarantee your custom T-shirt you must register before 11:59 pm, on Sunday before the event. All team members must register separately in order to receive a tee shirt. $10.00 late fee applied to late registration. $15 late fee applied to Race Day Registration. No guarantee of T-shirt with late or Race Day Registration.

Race Day Registration

$10.00 late fee applied to late registration. $15 late fee applied to Race Day Registration. No guarantee of T-shirt with late or Race Day Registration.