Shakin’ n’ brakin’ with Hammer Nutrition!

Shake ‘N Brake is coming up! We wanted to partner with Hammer Nutrition to provide natural fuels and hydration for the event. As Ricky Bobby said, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.” Take a look at Hammer’s website to make the most of your performance.


First tip: Hydration

For each hour of Shake ‘N Brake, drink 20-25 ounces of water to avoid fatigue, bloating, and cramping. Water is essential for our gravel grinder successes. Take a look at more hydration information here.


Second tip: Calories

You don’t want to bonk during Shake ‘N Brake, especially on this choose-your-own day on a bike course. Add in 120-180 calories each hour to keep those legs moving. Caloric intake will provide you with enough energy to finish strong and won’t interfere with using fatty acids to keep you going. Check out how Hammer Nutrition can help you keep caloric intake at the right levels.

Third tip: Electrolytes

Ricky Bobby needed proper nutrition to keep himself going; so do you. Electrolytes are essential for your successes. Hammer Nutrition provides a product called Endurolytes to keep your body functioning for hours on end of fun. Learn more here.

Fourth tip: Fueling

Make sure to consume 300-500 calories three hours or more before you get going at Shake ‘N Brake. Digesting your meal beforehand will help your body devote all blood and oxygen to your physical efforts. Remember what Ricky said: “I wanna go fast!” Take a look at more pre-exercise fueling information here.



Fifth tip: Recovery

Recovery is just as important as performance. After Shake ‘N Brake, use some of Hammer Nutrition’s Recoverite to reduce soreness, rebuild muscle tissue, and restore muscle glycogen. Check out more here.


We are looking forward to seeing you all out there hammering at Shake N Brake! See you soon!