Update on 24/12 Hours of Tannehill: The Iron Maiden


Last Friday, we received some eagerly anticipated news that the 24/12 Hours of Tannehill: The Iron Maiden race at Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park could proceed as scheduled. As part of our due diligence, we have reached out to and heard from many in the medical field as well as a cyclist friend of ours who is also a research microbiologist for the US government that studies viruses in a lab setting, and has been focused on COVID-19 since it’s emergence in the United States. Your safety is our primary concern as we return to racing so things will look a little different for 24/12 Hours of Iron Maiden.

First, we encourage you to pre-register to the event to minimize interaction on race day. While race day registration will be an option, we will be intentionally limiting our volunteers to minimize the potential of exposure to both them and you. There will be no waiver/ registration table. We ask that you print these forms at home and bring them with you to the event. For those who need the forms on site, we will have a tent set up at the entrance to Farley Field (staging/ camping area) where you can retrieve those from your car, fill them out, and bring them with you to pick up your race packet.

Second, there will be social distancing markers in place at packet pick up. It will be critical to allow margin in your planning for the check-in process. Signing in on Friday evening is preferable, but the key will be to please NOT wait until the last minute on Saturday morning.

Additionally, we will be doing a mass start, but there will be signs along the road that will guide the process. While all racers will start together, you will be grouped according to the category that you registered in, and there will be at least six feet between groups. Those who have done the race before are already aware, but for everyone else, words cannot express how unimportant a hole shot or starting line sprint is in a 24 Hour race. Historically, this has been the most chill start of any race that we do. Remember, you have 12 or 24 hours to sort it all out, and it isn’t uncommon for racers who are 2 laps down at the 6 hour mark to win their category because they paced better and had their nutrition dialed in!

A word about the IM course! If you were able to race at The Flow 6/3 back in February, you should know that the course is noticeably different. Last year, I challenged Kevin Vest and Roger Lucas, both local racers, to come up with the most fun and flowy course imaginable. They delivered big time. Neither of the punishing climbs from The Flow are part of this course. It ends up being longer, but it is FAST! For those wondering, it IS the same course as last year’s!

There will be additional information coming as the event gets closer! Check your email or our social media pages often for updates! We can’t wait to see you on June 12 (for early packet pick up) and for the race on June 13!!!